About us

Our vision

An Australia where diaspora communities from countries in war and conflict have a strong voice and the power to promote change and improve peace, development and human rights in their country of origin.


Diaspora Action Australia (DAA) works in Australia with people from countries affected by war and conflict who promote peace, development and human rights in their countries of origin. We support diaspora community initiatives; provide resources, information and training; facilitate dialogue and shared learning; build networks; and seek to amplify community voices at local, national and international levels.

Our principles

The actions of Diaspora Action Australia are guided by the following principles, laws and approaches:

  • Rights based approach

We recognise the human rights of all people and work for the empowerment of people to claim their civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.

  • Community development

We recognise the wealth of knowledge and experience within communities, respect their independence and support their empowerment. Diaspora Action Australia works in solidarity with community partners, who maintain leadership of their projects for the long-term benefit of whole communities.

  • Gender equality

Diaspora Action Australia is committed to gender equality and recognises that gender-based oppression is structural and systemic.

  • Neutrality

Diaspora Action Australia does not take political or partisan positions regarding any conflict. We are concerned with the human rights of people affected by conflict.

  • International human rights standards

We promote respect for, and compliance with, relevant international law and principles: Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law.