Afghan community

In 2015 and 2016, DAA is working with Afghan communities in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The Diasporas and Afghanistan forum, held on 27 November 2015, brought together Afghan Australian diaspora communities to connect with each other and agencies from the international development, government, civil society and academic sectors. The forum sought to enable Afghan Australians to voice their concerns and issues of interest related to their communities here and in Afghanistan and Pakistan, such as human development, Australia’s relationship with Afghanistan and settlement in Australia.

Delivered in partnership with the Melbourne Refugee Studies Program at the University of Melbourne, and with support from the Refugee Council of Australia, the forum attracted 103 participants in total.

In 2016, DAA is working with Melbourne-based participants from the Diasporas and Afghanistan forum who want to build relationships with the Australian government to discuss Australia’s relationship with Afghanistan. We are also working with Afghan communities in three Victorian regional centres, running workshops and linking these communities with the Melbourne group.

This project is supported by the Victorian Government’s Office of Multicultural Affairs and citizenship.