Congolese cultural spectacular to aid community projects and refugees

On Saturday night, our community partner, Care4Congo International presenteda cultural night showcasing Congolese food, music and dance to raise funds for projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).


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The event brought together multicultural groups in Melbourne to support Care4Congo at the Richmond Town hall. It was a great night where people got to learn about the Congolese culture, specifically music, food and issues affecting people in eastern Congo (Goma).


Around 50 people attended to support Care4Congo. Three awards of achievement were given out to Congolese community leaders. The night ended full of entertainment, including traditional drums,a live band and Congolese music and dance.




“Through this event, the Victorian Congolese community were able to share their culture,” said Clyde SalumuSharady, Care4Congo’s chairperson.”Itwas also an opportunity to raise awareness about the plight of the Congolese people in the DRC,” he said.


According to United Nations’ figures, more than five million people have died in the Congo since 1997, and some 1,500 people continue to be killed each dayin the continuing humanitarian crisis.




Founded in 2011, Care4Congo is a diaspora-led organisation that works with Congolese and Australians to support community projects in the DRC, assist Congolese refugees in Australia, and educate people about the humanitarian concerns in the DRC.


“Our main focus is on empowering Congolese peopleso they can rebuild their communities and take their destiny into their own hands,” Sharady said. “We invite Congolese-Australians from different parts of the DRC, as well as all other Australians, to join hands through Care4Congo and work together to promote peace, human rights and development in the DRC.” 


For more information about Care4Congo or to donate to their projects, visit their website at

By Zawadi, Community Support Worker and Care4Congo