Learning together at the workshop with Diaspora Lanka

Last week, Jeremy Liyanage from Diaspora Lanka and I attended a one-day workshop on collaborative outcomes reporting. So what exactly does that mean? This workshop was really about how organisations can tell the story and report the outcomes of the projects they are implementing. This was an intriguing workshop for me, as at HCH, we are keen to support diaspora organisations to design, implement and effectively communicate and report the work that they are doing. This was equally important for Diaspora Lanka, an organisation which actively works towards diaspora unity in Australia as well as restoration efforts in regional Sri Lanka.


We’re happy:Jeremy from Diaspora Lanka

The workshop was run by a company called Clear Horizons, which specialises in participatory program planning and evaluation. Collaborated outcomes reporting, for those readers who are interested in the technical dimensions of the technique, follows a participatory process to tell the performance story of a project upon completion – in this way, it is a form of evaluation. The technique involves a five-stage process culminating in a short report; it includes an explanation of the program context and rationale; a chart of results of a project; what was learnt from a project; instances of significant change; and an index including details of evidence.

Over the day, we learnt about the importance of developing projects in a logical way that links activities to the ultimate goal of the project. We also talked about collecting stories of change, using a technique called Most Significant Change. The workshop brought together individuals from educational institutions, private consulting companies and NGOs. 

HCH and Diaspora Lanka will continue to work together to consider aspects of this technique. Supporting diaspora groups to access external workshops and attending them together enables us consider new information together and work on ways to apply it in an organisational setting.

Attending workshops like this remind me of the importance of considering the diverse tools and resources that are out there to support community organisations. It also highlights the importance of sharing resources and knowledge with others – which is what we hope to do at HCH.

Lisa, Community Coordinator