Bridging Lanka


Bridging Lanka (formerly Diaspora Lanka) actively works to unite the Sri Lankan diaspora in Australia and to rebuild regional Sri Lanka through livelihood support, business development, service advocacy, urban planning and reconciliation. This innovative organisation brings together Tamil, Muslim, Burgher and Sinhala people to build a sustainable peace in Sri Lanka after almost 30 years of civil war.

Bridging Lanka was first formed after the December 2004 tsunami devastated Sri Lanka. Bridging Lanka provided emergency supplies and disaster relief at the height of the disaster, followed by development assistance to help communities recover from it. In September 2010 Bridging Lanka formalised its operations with a new focus on how to unite the diaspora in Australia, which has included constructive engagement with rebuilding regional Sri Lanka, starting with Mannar, a war-affected district in the north of the country.


Bridging Lanka’s current campaigns and projects

  • Women: Village Backbone – three-year women’s development project
  • ‘Value add’ to Primary Industry through embracing new technology
  • IT Platform – computerising the small business sector
  • Knowledge Transfers for sustainable urban planning
  • Mannar 2022 Visioning – strengthening council and community partnerships
  • Interfaith Interethnic Negotiations – foundations for peace


Working with Diaspora Action Australia

Diaspora Action Australia assists Bridging Lanka with community outreach and by providing professional consultants in areas such as marketing, communications and business planning. Through Diaspora Action Australia, Bridging Lanka accessed a business planning consultant and has developed strategies to strengthen the organisation, expand its networks in Australia and globally, ensure future funding and improve its online presence.

The Humanitarian Crisis Hub (now Diaspora Action Australia) began work with Bridging Lanka in late 2010.


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