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  1. 3rd Diaspora Learning Network Workshop (19th May)

    Open for Business: Diaspora Market Shapers and Business Builders.
    Business as usual? Not when diaspora communities have a say. The third Diaspora Learning Network (DLN) seminar aimed at exploring the significance of diaspora businesses as well as the dynamics, challenges and risks they face in Australia. Instead of only focusing on remittances, which is often the case in similar studies, this seminar looked beyond this factor to trade, investment as well as skill and technology transfer – “brain circulation” rather than brain drain is the key word.

  2. A report from the second Diaspora Learning Network seminar held in April.

    In times of crises   Diaspora engagement takes on a multitude of forms and one of them is crisis response, where the communities play an…

  3. Welcome to our new Executive Director – Denise Goldfinch

    Diaspora Action Australia (DAA) warmly welcomes Denise Goldfinch to the role of Executive Director. “We’re thrilled to have Denise join our organisation. She brings an incredible…

  4. Farewell to Denise Cauchi, our Executive Director and Co-Founder

    After nearly a decade working with Diaspora Action Australia (DAA), our Executive Director and Co-Founder Denise Cauchi has decided to leave her position and open a new chapter in her life. Advocate, diplomat, leader, mentor, teacher, supporter, protestor, questioner, confidante, are some of the words that many may use to describe Denise. Her charming and engaging personality, her colourful and vibrant appearance, and her immense zest for life brightened up our office days. You’ll be missed dearly by all of us, Denise!

  5. “What makes diasporas unique for me is their passion to make a real difference.”

    David Nyuol Vincent, Director of Peace Palette, was one of three facilitators at Diaspora
    Learning Network’s (DLN) Peacebuilding and Reconciliation seminar held on 24th
    February at the University of Melbourne. Speaking about how real change can be
    effected in their countries of origin, David went on to say that “it’s crucial to get
    credibility in a very complex political surrounding. We must have a very clear agenda
    and focus area.”

  6. “Sport for Peace” in South Sudan: Play Sports, not War

    Imagine a world where rivalries are settled through sporting competitions instead of violence. Wishful thinking? Not at all. Our longstanding colleagues at Peace Palette, a non-government organisation based in Twic State, South Sudan, and Melbourne, Australia made it a reality.

  7. The Story of Sandra Chestnutt is Opening a New Chapter

    Sandra Chestnutt, our beloved and irreplaceable Community Engagement Coordinator, leads a rich and admirable life. She has worked in some of the toughest countries in…

  8. Congratulations Denise Cauchi, Order of Australia Medal

    On behalf of the Board and everyone at Diaspora Action Australia (DAA), I would like to congratulate our Executive Director, Denise Cauchi on recently being awarded the Order…

  9. Celebrating Refugee and Migrants Communities: Diaspora Action Australia’s Refugee Day Event “My Journey, My Home”

    On World Refugee Day, the 20th of June, DAA hosted “My Journey, My Home” at Flinders Street Station to celebrate the cultures and journeys of…

  10. “These Diaspora Groups are Us”: Why Your Donation is Crucial for Diaspora Action Australia and for Worldwide Peace building and Humanitarian Development

    I recently sat down with the Executive Director and co-founder of Diaspora Action Australia (DAA) Denise Cauchi to talk about the unique work DAA does,…