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    “On this World Refugee Day, everyone should remember the things that connect all of us – our common humanity.” – United Nation’s High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres

  2. Community Tool Box: Advocacy and Lobbying

    In this series of blogs we look at some of the key tools that diaspora organisations and individuals can use in their efforts to promote peace, human rights and development.

  3. Cuts to Foreign Aid: what it means for Australians

    “The Australian Government and its people have often been humane and quick to lend a helping hand” – Kot Monoah, Chairperson of the South Sudanese Community Association of Victoria

  4. New skills, stronger communities

    Eleven diaspora organisations came together in Melbourne recently to develop skills that will help them establish potentially life-changing projects in their countries of origin.

  5. Friends of DAA

    In late 2013 the Humanitarian Crisis Hub (now Diaspora Action Australia) launched its new initiative, Friends of DAA.

  6. “Together we fill the gaps”: Atem Atem talks about the South Sudan Diaspora Network in New South Wales.

    As the world’s newest nation, South Sudan faces many challenges moving into the future. Atem Atem and a group of dedicated individuals in New South Wales are hoping their new communication network will help increase the capacity of South Sudanese diaspora groups involved in development.

  7. “We’re unique in what we do”: Director Denise Cauchi talks about Humanitarian Crisis Hub’s pioneering work

    People who want to protect their home countries from conflict and human rights abuses are at the root of Humanitarian Crisis Hub’s work. And the…

  8. New year, new blog….

    Happy New Year and welcome to the Humanitarian Crisis Hub’s new blog. In this space we’ll be featuring the issues that are closest to our hearts – the human rights of people living in war and conflict and what communities in Australia are doing to promote this…Read more