The Diaspora Learning Network

The Diaspora Learning Network (DLN) is a network of research institutions, civil society and non-government organisations (NGOs) created in 2016. It actively advances learning and multi-sector dialogue on the role and contribution of diasporas to peace, development, humanitarian action and human rights. Through building a body of knowledge around effective diaspora engagement and strengthened linkages with diaspora organisations, the DLN aims to grow as a key facilitator for better collaborations between diasporas and other sectors.

It was established as the convening body for the first-ever Australian conference focusing on the role and contributions of diaspora communities in peacebuilding, development and humanitarian response. Held in September 2016 and sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Diasporas in Action: working together for peace, development and humanitarian response conference was attended by over 160 people from diaspora communities, government, international NGOs, universities and others.

Featuring international and Australian practice and research, it created a foundational learning space for participants to explore and discuss the current landscape of diaspora projects, and opportunities for collaborations and actions between multiple stakeholders. It provided a unique opportunity for researchers, practitioners, students, policy makers, and the broader civil society to share insights, good practice and lessons learned. A short video of the conference can be found on the conference website.

As a result of the success of the conference, and momentum amongst DLN members (and a growing group of potential new members) to build on conference discussions and outcomes, the DLN has now been formalised on an ongoing basis, with the aims of further strengthening learning and facilitating more effective dialogue between diasporas and other stakeholders.

To that end, DLN has started to build its membership base. To join the DLN is free. Members will be able to learn more about DLN work and activities; can get involved in consultations with diasporas organisations, NGOs, academics and the government, and will have the opportunity to grow their network.

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The current and founding members of the Diaspora Learning Network are: Diaspora Action Australia, Melbourne Refugee Studies Program (University of Melbourne), Australian Red Cross, Refugee Council of Australia, Australian Council for International Development, Oxfam Australia and Research for Development Impact Network.

View our submission to the Department of Foreign Affairs Foreign Policy White Paper here.

View the Diasporas in Action Conference Outcomes Document here.

The conference keynote presentation videos are also available online.