Diaspora Action Australia is the only organisation in Australia dedicated to this work. It’s a big ambition, but it’s one that’s inspired thousands of people over the years.Help refugee and migrant (diaspora) communities promote peace, development and human rights in their countries of origin by becoming a donor today.

Running an organisation like Diaspora Action Australia takes huge amounts of time, energy and commitment, and it also requires resources. While we can rely on an extraordinary group of dedicated staff and volunteers who offer their time, energy and commitment, the reality is that we still require funds to ensure we can operate and deliver our innovative programs to diaspora communities.

A regular contribution will make an extraordinary difference to a small organisation like ours, and help us plan our programs better, knowing we can count on your support into the future.

An amount of $20 a month might not sound life-changing but it will have a huge impact on our work: by the end of one year you could have supported a volunteer to help a diaspora organisation build a website, write letters to an MP, plan a human rights campaign, or organise an event. Support us now!

How will your donation be used?

The continual support and training of people from refugee and new migrant backgrounds at our office by offering valuable volunteer experience, which they can then utilise for employment opportunities.

These projects add value to the lives of diaspora communities in Australia who are working to transform the lives of people who have been affected by war and conflict. None of this work would be possible without your valuable support.

Are donations tax deductible? YES

Will I receive a receipt for my donation? Yes, it will be sent to you by email.

Support us now!