Enhancing Knowledge on Remittances and Diaspora Engagement in South Sudan



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Enhancing Knowledge on Remittances and Diaspora Engagement in South Sudan Study

Within the framework of “Enhancing Knowledge on Remittances and Diaspora Engagement in South Sudan” funded by the IOM-International Development Fund (IDF), IOM South Sudan is seeking to analyse the remittance flows into South Sudan including formal and informal money transfer systems, diaspora organizations and networks, knowledge amongst diaspora of opportunities for engagement with South Sudan, and issues precluding diaspora investment in South Sudan.
The research focuses on the South Sudanese diasporas in Australia.

Project Context

Estimates indicate that 4.7 million South Sudanese live outside of the country’s borders, with at least 2.5 million of those living as refugees. As a result, money earned abroad by diaspora that should be sent to support the communities and individuals in South Sudan in the form of remittances, is now being used to sustain foreign economies. A large proportion of the South Sudanese economy is being supported by migrants in both formal and informal employment, and there is an assumption that a sizeable percentage of their wealth is being channelled through remittance outflows to their countries of origin. Meanwhile, there are no formal mechanisms for remittances data collection, analysis and dissemination in the country with latest figures captured in 2013 and the Bank of South Sudan has not issued disaggregated data on overseas development assistance where remittances would be captured since 2013. There are also no tracking mechanisms in relation to how remittances are utilized to build the resilience of South Sudanese people, such as family upkeep, running enterprises, and so on. Due to these complexities, involving all stakeholders an assessment of the current landscape would ensure information-sharing and the ability to adequately inform policy. As such, IOM South Sudan would like to conduct a study on remittance flows in and out of the country. The findings will be used to determine the feasibility of eventually establishing a diaspora investment fund that can be managed by the diaspora associations through an agreed framework supported by the government.

Why participate?

The participation of South Sudanese living abroad will help IOM South Sudan to produce a study on the South Sudanese diasporas and their relationship with South Sudan. The study will finally be available on https://southsudan.iom.int/

This study will be a powerful tool to demonstrate the volume of the contribution of the Australian-based diaspora to South Sudan as well as becoming a powerful ally for future advocacy campaigns.

How to participate

To be involved in the study, people can:

Fill in a questionnaire https://ee.humanitarianresponse.info/x/#C2qkvdoz (due date 10 May 2020) and ask other community members to do so as well.

Participate on single or group interviews by contacting Lorenza at dln@diasporaaction.org.au

The survey is directed to South Sudanese-born people (respondents need to identify themselves as South Sudanese that are not born in Australia). The survey can be easily compiled online from a smartphone/tablet/computer.


For more information, assistance to fill in the questionnaire or participating to interviews, please contact Lorenza on dln@diasporaaction.org.au

The information is collected anonymously and any data generated is protected.