The Anyikὅὅl Project Launch

Date: Saturday, 5 July, 2014
Time: 3-5pm
Location: Bluestone Hall, 30a Pickett St, Footscray
Contact: Sara Maher (
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The Anyikool Project recorded interviews with South Sudanese women between October 2012 and February 2014. The purpose was to record the unique and historically significant life stories of these women to pass on to future generations.

The State Library of Victoria will include the project in its oral archive – the first time African women’s voices have come to represent the state of Victoria. 
The South Sudanese population is now the largest group of refugee background in Australia. The women interviewed represent seven different ethnic groups: Acholi, Bari, Kuku, Nuer, Chollo, Dinka and Anyuak. Participants are elders in their communities, the oldest being seventy.
Writer and researcher Sara Maher has worked in refugee settlement since 2004 and initiated the Anyikool project after visiting South Sudan. The women she met there and within the Australian diaspora have lived through an extraordinary period of history, yet their stories remain largely unheard. This small project is an attempt to address the silence.