Friends of DAA Posted November 21, 2013 by Diaspora Action Australia


Friends of Diaspora Action.

Friends of DAA is a new initiative that was launched by Diaspora Action Australia in late 2013.

It is a network of dedicated people who have donated much of their time to work with DAA. It is volunteers who are passionate about supporting diaspora organisations, it is communities that have worked with DAA, and it is previous staff and Governance Committee members who have helped to shape the organisation.

These great people have helped make DAA the dynamic organisation that it is today. We would like to keep in touch with you, to hear what you’re doing and about the ongoing challenges involved in supporting diaspora community organisations, and in promoting peacebuilding, development and human rights in areas of war and conflict.

Essentially, the aim of the Friends of DAA network is to create an energetic network of like-minded people who can stay in touch with each other and continue to be involved in DAA’s work in a variety of ways, even if they don’t necessarily have much time.





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