HCFA International



Hope and Care for All International (HCFA) strives to support local communities who have experienced conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan through human rights advocacy and the promotion of peace. The organisation works with women and children to provide them access to education, health services and training, thus empowering them to put in place long-term solutions to improve their quality of life.

HCFA international operates in Afghanistan and Pakistan providing advocacy support for disadvantaged women in prison and/or have unresolved legal matters. HCFA Australia is developing fundraising initiatives to continue to support these efforts.

HCFA Australia is also in the process of establishing a local support service for the Afghan diaspora in Dandenong. This will provide a referral service for those experiencing domestic violence; language classes in Afghan languages, Dari and Farsi; homework tutorials to those requiring educational support; and social activities for Afghan women to strengthen their social networks.