Our work

Denise hosting a workshop with refugees.

Diaspora Action Australia (formerly the Humanitarian Crisis Hub) works with Australian diaspora organisations that promote the human rights of people living in war and conflict. We do this by:

  • supporting their initiatives
  • providing resources, information and training
  • facilitating dialogue, mentoring and shared learning
  • building networks
  • amplifying their voices at local, national and international levels

Diaspora Action Australia was proud to receive the Australian Council for International Development’s Sir Ron Wilson Human Rights Award in 2011. The Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) presents this award to an individual or organisation that has shown an outstanding contribution to advancing human rights in the international development sector. We are greatly encouraged by the award  it acknowledges that there is great potential in Australia to develop a new model for humanitarian and development work that maximises the unique strengths and skills of diaspora organisations. More information on the award is available on the 2012 ACFID Annual Report.