These sections will give you access to a range of documents with lots of expert advice and practical tips to help your organisation achieve its goals.

A lady volunteer helping a refugee.

Lobbying and campaigning

A 24hr human-rights emergency hotline, available via phone (to Ireland) or secure email

A guide for NGOs participating in UNHCR’s annual consultations with NGOs (UNHCR)

Foreign embassies and consulates in Australia (Australian Government)

How to lobby politicians (HCH)

How to meet a politician (HCH)

How to write a letter to a politician (HCH)

Lobby law kit (National Association of Community Legal Centres)

A guide to developing advocacy strategies (Overseas Development Institute)

Analytics demystified (Google nonprofits blog)

Blog for a cause (Global Voices Online)

Campaigns at work: a guide to campaigning (HomeWorkers World wide)

Cross posting for advocacy (Global Voices Online)

Mailchimp guide for non profits (Mailchimp)

Online activist (The Change Agency)

Promoting your organisation (Civicus – world alliance for citizen participation)

The Facebook guide (Mashable)

The DigiActive Guide to Twitter for Activism

How to ensure digital security

How to ensure security and digital security

YouTube non-profit program (YouTube)

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Project planning and management

Build your NGO monitoring and evaluation (The Pari Project)

Event planning handbook: how to organise an event (Youth Employment Summit)

How to run a workshop (Network Learning Services)

Managing the project cycle (Network Learning Services)

How to report violations to AI

How to locate Australian Government contacts

How to write and distribute media release

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Media engagement

A step-by-step guide to creating a media strategy (Socialbrite)

Handling the media: toolkit (Civicus – world alliance for citizen participation)

How to get good media coverage (HCH)

NGO media outreach: using the media as an advocacy tool (The American NGO Coalition for the International Criminal Court)

Producing your own media (Civicus – world alliance for citizen participation)

Working with media (National Association of Community Legal Centres)

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Funding strategies

How to raise funds (HCH)

Pathways Australia: income generation (Pathways Australia)

A grant seeker’s guide to trusts and foundations (Philanthropy Australia)

10 Principles of good practice for the intelligent funder (Civicus – world alliance for citizen participation)

Writing a funding proposal (Civicus – world alliance for citizen participation)

A guide to community grants (Australian Parliamentary Library)

A guide to fundraising (Network Learning Services)

Seeking funding as a charitable organisation (Philanthropy Australia)

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Strengthening your organisation

ATO non-profit organisations (Australian Tax Office)

AusAID accreditation guide (AusAID)

Budgeting (Civicus – world alliance for citizen participation)

How to build a good small NGO (Network Learning Services)

How to start a successful NGO in 10 steps (Matador Change)

Is your organisation a charity? (Australian Tax Office)

Issues related to insurance Protection for volunteers (Volunteering Australia)

NGO Self-assessment through a SWOT exercise (Network Learning Services)

Organisational development and maintenance (The Change Agency)

Running an incorporated association (Consumer Affairs Victoria)

Starting a development NGO (Australian Council for International Development)

Strategy (The Change Agency)

Ten keys to successful strategic planning for nonprofit and foundation leaders (TCC Group)

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Human Rights


Past workshop resources

These documents were provided to participants in previous workshops held by Humanitarian Crisis Hub (now Diaspora Action Australia). Keep checking back here for documents from recent workshops.

Project Planning and Design Workshop

During the Project Planning and Design Workshop participants learnt basic and practical planning and design to development projects for their communities.

Workshop Presentation

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Grant Writing Workshop: 2013

During the Grant Writing Workshop: 2013 participants learnt basic, practical skills in grant writing. They also learnt how to effectively write and apply for grants and understood the common mistakes and pitfalls which facing organisations when applying for grants for human rights projects.

Grant Writing 2013

Handout for session 3 festival and events accountability report June 2011

MAFG 2011-2012 application information booklet

Information session 2013-2014 Community Grants Program

EOI 2013 sample


Grant Writing Workshop

This workshop developed basic grant writing and application skills. Participants in the workshop also learned about project planning, budgting and resources allocation.

Presentation: finding the right grant

New tactics for human rights advocacy campaigns

Based on the groundbreaking New Tactics in Human Rights Project, this workshop explored a broad array of innovative tactics we can use to mobilise supporters and campaign for human rights in war and conflict.

New tactics presentation 

The need for new tactics

Understanding strategy tactics

Methods of nonviolent action

E-campaigning for human rights in war and conflict

This workshop explored how we can use online media, such as websites, blogs, Twitter and Facebook to strengthen and extend our advocacy work.

Online advocacy, campaigning and communications resources

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