Understanding diaspora-led development & peacebuilding Case studies of five African diaspora organisations in Australia

Understanding diaspora-led development and peacebuilding. Case studies of five African diaspora organisations in Australia pdf

Diaspora organisations are actively involved in peacebuilding, humanitarian aid, development, post-conflict reconstruction and human rights promotion in their countries of origin. This activity is increasing around the world and is attracting the attention of researchers, policy makers and
development practitioners.

In Australia, the growing interest in engaging with diasporas is tempered by uncertainty about how they operate, who to engage with and how their unique strengths can be harnessed and supported. This report begins to answer these questions through case studies of five African diaspora
organisations in Australia: Peace Palette, Oromia Support Group Australia, Mamaland Hope for Future FoundationDarfur Community Association of Australia & Darfur Australia Network and Wec Nyin Australia. In addition these case studies show diasporas as innovators of the new humanitarian landscape.

The five organisations that took part in this study make valuable contributions to development, peacebuilding, human rights and humanitarian assistance in their countries of origin. They have unique strengths and insights, particularly due to their intimate understandings of the context, cultural norms, social and political structures (both in countries of origin and in Australia), and the dynamics of the (post) conflict and its effect on civilians.