What we do

Diaspora Action Australia (DAA) offers a range of practical assistance to help diaspora organisations and communities promote human rights, peace and development in their countries of origin and in Australia.

Capability and Capacity Building

Diaspora Labs  Volunteer girl work with a man.

Diaspora Action Australia provides information and training sessions on a variety of topics using ‘Diaspora Labs’, a structured collaborative approach to working with diaspora communities who are designing international aid projects. ‘Diaspora Labs’ are designed to help diaspora communities improve their expertise in areas such as advocacy, project management, organisational development, marketing, fundraising, social media and communications by bringing together developing and established diaspora organisations to share their learnings, develop networks and plan successful projects. Learn more about our Diaspora Labs.

Due to the partnership between Oromia Support Group Australia (OSGA) and DAA, the OSGA was able to attain special consultative status with the United Nations. Read about it here.

Network building

DAA works with diaspora communities in Australia and has linkages with international agencies, community organisations, universities and government departments at all levels. Through these networks, DAA can help diaspora organisations connect with new partners.

  • Diaspora Action Australia, the University of Melbourne and the Diaspora Learning Network convened two international conferences that explored the unique and growing contribution of diasporas worldwide and held 3 policy relevant seminars. Read about the 2016 conference here and more on the 2018 conference here.
  • Diaspora Action Australia is a founding member of The Diaspora Learning Network (DLN), a network of research institutions, civil society and non-government organisations (NGOs) that advances learning and multi-sector dialogue on the role and contribution of diasporas to peace, development, humanitarian action and human rights.

Amplifying diaspora voices 

Denise talks in workshop.

Diaspora Action Australia uses its connections with government and non-government agencies to promote inclusion of diaspora organisations in consultations and policy development on issues relating to peace, human rights and development in their home countries.

DAA run extensive consultations and supported communities’ participation to the 2020 Senate inquiry into issues facing diaspora communities in Australia. Read DAA submission here.

DAA hosted a roundtable discussion with Mr Matthew Neuhaus, Assistant Secretary, Africa Branch, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and African diaspora leaders in a productive dialogue. Read about it here.

Fostering cooperation and dialogue

DAA can help diaspora communities find common ground and explore new ways of working together on issues of shared interest. This can include working on advocacy campaigns, joint projects or events.

DAA has worked extensively with several Afghan diaspora groups and saw the need to connect these various organisations to each other, as well as with people in the aid and humanitarian sectors working with Afghanistan. Read about the Diasporas and Afghanistan Conference, which attracted more than 20 Australia-Afghan organisations, plus major INGOs and government agencies.

To learn more about how DAA can help your organisation, please contact us @ info@diasporaaction.org.au.