Diaspora Action Australia’s workshop program is designed specifically for refugee and migrant organisations involved in the promotion of human rights, development and peace-building. These sessions combine theory and practical activities that fully engage all participants.

A man writing in workshop.

They enable community organisations to build knowledge, capacity and expertise in areas they tell us are important to them. These include organisational strengthening; grant writing; fundraising; attracting and sustaining volunteers and boards; setting up projects overseas; advocacy; communications, and strategic planning.

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The workshops are facilitated by people who have specialised knowledge, often through first-hand experience of conflict, and offer real-world advice on how to find practical support and resources in Australia.

Over 600 refugees, migrants, students and members of the wider community have attended Diaspora Action Australia workshops since they commenced in 2009. The participants came from a range of diaspora organisations representing communities from Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Diaspora Action Australia is committed to making the workshops as accessible as possible, by offering them on weekends and evenings, free of charge.

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