Our work

Diaspora Action Australia (formerly the Humanitarian Crisis Hub) works with Australian diaspora organisations that promote the human rights of people living in war and conflict. We do this by:

  • Supporting their initiatives
  • Providing resources, information and training
  • Facilitating dialogue, mentoring and shared learning
  • Building networks
  • Amplifying their voices at local, national and international levels

This year, Diaspora Action Australia (DAA) will held the second Diasporas in Action: Working together for peace, development and humanitarian response conference in Melbourne, Australia, on 26-27 September bringing innovative ideas and fresh perspectives from Australia and internationally about the ways in which diasporas contribute to peace-building, development and humanitarian responses.

The first ever diaspora conference in Australia – “Diasporas in Action: Working together for peace, development and humanitarian response” was convened in 2016 by the Diaspora Leaning Network, an initiative of DAA, and raised awareness about why diasporas are engaged in peace-building, humanitarian and development work and the distinct role they can play. A conference report was published following this event, and the outcomes of the conference have also informed a series of seminars that will be held throughout the first half of 2018.

This second diaspora conference will focus on the ways in which diasporas support peace, reconciliation, humanitarian action and development goals. Bringing together diaspora representatives, NGOs, academics, government, donors and others, the conference will explore how diasporas contribute to peace, reconciliation, development and humanitarian efforts in multiple contexts such as their countries of origin, sites of displacement and third countries. Exploring mechanisms and strategies for action, the ultimate aim of the conference is to enhance understandings of diaspora engagement and improve partnerships between diasporas and donors, international organisations and affected communities with the overall goal of improved responses. Read more


There is growing interest around the world in the role and potential of diaspora communities in peace, development and humanitarian response. By sponsoring this conference, your organisation, university or company will be at the forefront of this exciting new field of research, policy and practice. For further information on sponsorship options please contact Lorenza Lazzati dln@diasporaaction.org.au

For more information please contact: conference@diasporaaction.org.au

For more information please visit Diasporas in Action insert link: http://www.diasporasinaction.org.au/