Diaspora Humanitarians:

How Australia-based migrants help in crises abroad


This project aims to map the extensive humanitarian activities and contributions of Australia-based migrants to crises abroad. Australia is home to large diasporas who are connected to communities in many humanitarian crisis hotspots, including the project’s focus areas: Afghanistan, Syria, South Sudan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Nepal, and the Pacific Islands. By generating much-needed knowledge on how and why migrants engage in humanitarian responses, the project expects to support and improve the work of diasporas themselves, the Australian Civil-Military Centre and other humanitarian organisations, who are partners in the project. This will benefit Australia by highlighting our innovative leadership role in humanitarian and migration issues.

Key Objectives

  1. Describe and explain where, how and why Australia-based diasporas are engaging in humanitarian responses
  2. Identify necessary conditions for effective diaspora engagement within humanitarian response systems
  3. Support diasporas and mainstream humanitarian organisations with innovative tools to improve their effectiveness


Project Advisory Group

The Diaspora Humanitarians Project Advisory Group invites expressions of interest for roles as diaspora representatives on the Advisory Group. We envision the Diaspora Advisory Member as a vitally important role to ensure the voice of the community shapes and guides the project.

These roles best suit individuals who have been working within their diaspora communities to develop humanitarian responses overseas, have extensive community networks, and have an interest in education/research.
Diaspora Membership in the Advisory Board entails the following key roles and responsibilities. If successful you would be committing to:

  1. Be named as an Advisory Board Member in public communications regarding the project
  2. Provide occasional ad hoc advice on the strategy and implementation of the project outside formal meetings
  3. Review project outputs, strategy and planning documents in preparation for meetings
  4. Participate in quarterly 60-120 min Advisory Board video calls per year during 2021-2024
  5. Help to disseminate project outputs and promote the project to your networks
  6. Provide other ad hoc advice and contributions as agreed.

Diaspora Advisory Group Members are inducted as volunteers of Diaspora Action Australia (DAA) and required to comply with DAAs Code of Conduct and relevant policies for the duration of their role on the Advisory Group.

Diaspora Advisory Group Members receives a per diem payment for each Advisory Group Meeting.

If you are interested to join the project advisory group as diaspora representative, please contact Lorenza at


EOI doc format, download here.

EOI PDF format, download here.

Download the Diaspora Advisory Group Member Role Statement